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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news is happening in san jose where a crash has a busy road shut down this morning. good thursday morning to you, it is 4:30, i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. "today in the bay" bob redell live at the scene with the investigation. >> good morning, peggy and laura. san jose police have been out here because of an accident that happened just after midnight. it's hard to see, but if you were to push in across the expressway, you'll see a vehicle that is up against a telephone pole and into it is another
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vehicle that is hard to see that went into the field. these two cars collided. one was going down almaden and the police have also said they have not been able to figure out whether or not alcohol was involved. but just one person in each car, obviously, the drivers. they are both in the hospital in serious condition. as a result, you have the northbound direction that is shut down and coleman is still opened in the southbound direction but coleman is shut down at this intersection. more than anything, this is a commute problem until san jose police are able to clear that scene and it's not clear yet how long that is going to be. again, two vehicles both off the road, very serious collision. they, obviously, collided in the intersection and then went off in that direction as a result. both drivers in the hospital in serious condition. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll check back in with you throughout the morning.
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>> you heard bob talking about, could this be a big commuting problem. roads in that area right now shut down. >> folks, this is in san jose, a look at the freeways. lighter flow of traffic. overview of the south bay and get you oriented to where bob is. this is the normal construction going on there. south of highway 85 at coleman and almaden. if this does last more than a couple of hours, surface street traffic could be affected as folks head to the highways and into downtown. we will track that. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly and no problems across the bay or approaching off of the maze. we'll send it back to you. christina, we're sending it back to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we're glad we have you this morning because that is a big area of trouble this morning.
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we'll keep checking in, like we said. an indication of a mostly clear sky to start you out on a thursday. you are so close to the weekend and now temperatures pretty nice. the coast is nice and clear this morning. you can see that from our golden gate bridge camera. same clear sky right now over the bay bridge. really nice conditions out there. take you through your full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. now to a developing story along the peninsula where police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly boating accident on the san francisco bay. one person was killed when the 42-foot sail boat hit a buoy during a race sponsored by the sequoia yacht club in redwood city. that's where christie smith joins us with the overnight developments. good morning, christie. >> good morning, laura. details are still coming in, but that accident happened here in redwood city during a race sponsored by the sequoia yacht
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club last evening. five people were onboard the boat. this is a 42-foot sail boat and it's kind of hard to see, but there is damage to the front of the boat. one person died, two others injured when that boat ran into a buoy. this was around 6:40 in the evening. there's also information that when that mast snapped it killed one of the people onboard. the yacht club did confirm the race took place that evening, but they didn't provide details of exactly what happened. we are told u.s. gs may have been the first one to get there and help because other boats have trouble with the shallow water. coast guard tell us they were involved in the rescue, as well. right now it is quiet and i have calls into the coast guard. what i can tell you is that we're seeing redwood city police going and sort of keeping watch over the scene. as soon as we hear more information from the coast
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guard, we'll let you know what they had to say. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith. to a story still developing off the coast of south korea. searchers have not been able to get to the ferry that went down wednesday to look for the 287 people still missing. they cannot get to that area because of strong currents and rain and also bad visibility. now, most of the passengers were high school students on that boat. nine people including five students and two teachers were confirmed dead. the captain didn't order an evacuation until half an hour that the ferry began to tilt. he and other crew members were trying to right the ship. the captain did escape unharmed. a 6-year-old girl who was among the nearly 200 people rescued yesterday is still recovering this morning. she was separated from her family when that boat started to sink. her parents and her brother are among the nearly 300 people still missing. many people have tried connecting with missing relatives using social media.
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firefighters in san francisco say it could take days to pinpoint, cell phone video showing flames just shooting through a window in the roof at the sunnydale public housing development. firefighters found a 32-year-old woman dead inside. her 3-year-old son was rushed to the hospital where he died, as well, a short time later. the building was built in the 1940s and people who live there say it is in poor condition. in san jose, firefighters will dig through the rubble of a former kntv studio after search dogs hinted they may have found human remains. the building caught fire sunday and the burned beams were broken down earlier this week. a homeless man who lived in the building said at one point more than 40 people lived in that abandoned building. yesterday a homeless man was actually arrested on suspicion of starting that fire. san francisco police are gearing up for a massive crowd this sunday. about 15,000 people are expected to attend the 420 event in
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golden gate park. this is youtube video from last year's 420. it was calm until everyone came into the -- >> i just really had a problem that there were so many, what i saw, as underaged kids that were drinking and they were high and to see adults pass marijuana from their car windows to people that they don't know the age of. i mean, that's a problem for me. >> officials say there will be undercover officers this year. they will also be making arrests for open containers and drug sales. turning now to our microclimate forecast. let's look outside, all lit up. at&t park. dodgers and giants. >> really nice out there. wind will come into play, as well. we could see that ball get picked up and carried by that
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wind out towards mccovey cove. that's what happens when you get that west, northwest wind in san francisco. we'll keep you updated on that and take a closer look at that forecast if you're headed to that game or maybe you're watching it and you want to know what to expect. temperatures in the 50s and pretty comfortable out there. really comfortable later on today. very similar to what we experienced yesterday. just a touch cooler. 75 degrees for the south bay and 73 along the peninsula and 73 degrees in the north bay. we're getting oh, so close to that weekend now. and we're looking good. if you have friends, family coming into town you'rin you'reg an easter egg hunt outdoors. light breeze later on this afternoon and then by tonight we'll see a little bit of low cloud cover return to the coastline, especially after about 7:00 p.m. we'll keep you updated on the changes coming your way for the weekend and right now check your drive.
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>> you said the word weekend and i perk up every time. san jose, we're looking over here. still tracking the issue south of highway 85 bob redell reports at coleman still closed and may be closed for quite some time depending on the severity of the injuries and a crash that happened overnight and over here approaching the bay bridge, a smooth drive rvesh , as you can from the speed sensors and except for this on the freeways. eastbound 780 over at fifth as you're approaching the bridge and 680, a car over there was on its roof and it sounds like that has been cleared from the roadway in the last 90 seconds and some injuries reported and anything to note to report, we'll let you know. the drive much smoother towards the becia bridge. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you so much. the first test cars for b.a.r.t.'s new fleet won't be delivered until next year.
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drivers got a peek at the new design in san francisco. the public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive so far. many people said they like the dedicated bike stalls and the digital displays. some people in wheelchairs say that the large metal pole near the door makes it pretty tough to get on and off the train quickly. >> it's hard to turn around when you've got a post right there. it's really hard. sometimes you have to turn around. so, it would not be bad. >> we have mitigated the issues with the pole. the passengers need a pole in a big, open area, or else they'll be sprawled when we hit the brakes. >> now, b.a.r.t.'s director says there is still time to make minor changes. still ahead on "today in the bay" a first look at the chaos moments after a fire truck slammed into a southern california restaurant. plus how bay area medical experts are turning to youtube to help diagnose autism. got a story for nbc bay area
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investigative unit? call the tipline at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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welcome back, everyone. we are watching the scene of this horrific crash that happened at almaden expressway
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and coleman road overnight. live pictures from the scene. you see the flashing lights of investigators that remain out there this morning. as well as reporter bob redell live at the scene gathering new information. but an area where you should avoid this morning. 4:44 right now. three pro-russian troops were killed overnight when they tried to attack a ukrainian national guard base with, 13 others were injured. didn't stop, even when ukrainians fired warning shots into the air. eventually, the army responded and detained 63 attackers. ukraine's acting president called the attackers, terrorists. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva today and also met with russia's foreign minister. today could be the final day planes and ships will search the surface the indian ocean for any
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signs of the missing malaysian airlines jet. cover a near 16,000 square mile patch of sea off the coast of perth, australia. the bluefin-21 completed its first 16-hour scan of the seabed searching for any signs of the wreckage two black boxes. this after the sub's first two missions were cut short because of technical problems in the deep water. an oil slick found in that search area is being analyzed, as well. well, today could be the final day that planes and ships will search the surface of this morning's future changes in northern california have many airports concerned. the faa will change flight paths they could be rerouted above your neighborhood. now, this past week people have been voicing their concerns to the faa. they're concerned about the noise level from planes above, but after doing thousands of studies, a spokesperson for the
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faa says otherwise. >> in after doing the noise modeling, the conclusion was that there will be no reportable or significant increase in noise anywhere in the project area. >> now, if you are still concerned or would like to learn more about these changes, two more public forums that were taking place this week. one is at 4:00 at san mateo public library and tomorrow at the san francisco federal building will be the second meeting. a close eye on the markets after disappointing earnings from google and ibm. we turn to seema live at cnbc world headquarters. >> peggy, good morning. futures slightly lower across the board after stocks rallied for a third straight day on wednesday. the dow posting its best three-day winning streak in six months, but disappointing earning from google and ibm. we also get data out today on unemployment and plenty more
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morgan sax. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer is trying to ditch -- mayer has support from high-level apple execs including jonathan ivs. google pays apple $1 billion a year to drive traffic from macs, iphones and ipads to its search results. good news for the class of 2014, companies are hiring. a new survey finds companies plan to hire 8% more college grads than last year. business majors also have the highest average starting salary at about $54,000. now, students pursuing education and health science degrees may be out of luck as fewer as 5% of employers plan to hire them. peggy? >> interesting. thank you for the numbers, appreciate that, seema. >> let's get those numbers when
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it comes to the forecast. everyone looking forward to the weekend. >> definitely. these days have been so nice this week. temperatures aren't going to budge all that much as we head into this afternoon, but you'll likely notice the difference. cooling off today by 2 to 5 degrees and 57 along the peninsula and 65 in san francisco and down from the 70s yesterday and 73 for the peninsula and comfortable conditions out there. north bay 79 later today and the east bay at 72 degrees with a building afternoon breeze. we're looking really comfortable across the board. want to show you this up and down trend as we head through the next few days. temperatures drop off a touch more for saturday and by easter sunday, we're talking about warm conditions. inland, if you want to have that easter egg hunt, the earlier you do so, the better off you'll be if you want to hide the chocolate or the easter bunny. he's the one who does the hiding of the chocolate. as we head through the south bay
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and 75 for sunday and so comfortable conditions and a lot going on across the bay area. we're going to take you through all those events and, get this, ladies, we have a good chance for rain next week. i'll tell you all about that coming up a little bit later. right now, back to you. we also have new video to show you this morning a fire truck that came crashing into a los angeles restaurant hurting several people. cell phone video showing the chaos that was inside of that chinese restaurant. investigators say two fire trucks were on their way to a call when they just collided. firefighter actually tries to help a man that is pinned underneath the truck. can you make it out there? that man is actually among dozens of others who were rushed to the hospital. he's in critical condition this morning. a really interesting story, turns out that youtube here may help doctors diagnosis autism sooner. they observed children's behavior in 100 short home videos pulled from youtube.
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about half of those videos showed kids with autism, the rest did not. the research found that autism was correctly diagnosed 97% of the time. experts say this method could prove successful because it captures kids in their natural environment. the children often behave much differently in a doctor's office than they do at home. a brave 2-year-old boy from campbell is heading home today after undergoing a complex surgery to stop bleeding in his brain. his condition was called avm and connected to abnormal blood cells in his brain. he ended up in a deep coma after experiencing intense pain in the back of his head. they spent months helping him to recover. he was finally strong enough to undergo a six-hour surgery on monday. doctors say the surgery was successful and now can live a healthy life. >> those doctors there are incredible. 4:50 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay" a major construction milestone at levi stadium.
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a sneak peek at the new turf being rolled out this morning. >> look over here over the water. san mateo bridge and little haze in the air and not a problem. we will follow the crash with some major injuries in the south bay and what intersection is still closed.
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well, 4:53 right now on your thursday morning. taking a live look at the home of the giants there, at&t park
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this morning. the orange and black are going for a sweep of the dodgers. we know they can do it. we know that it is early in the season, however, the g-men are in first position after beating l.a. last night. sandoval drove in the game-winning run in the bottom of the seventh. >> good day game today. new piece of levi's stadium will be rolled into place this morning. can't see there, but down on the field, the newrassy turf will be rolled out today. we've got a actually, video of the turf. yes, we like to feel it, as well. from livingston and meced county. look at the thickness of that, right? that specific type of grass requires half as much water as the average turf. holds its green color longer and grows back the fastest. i need some for my yard.
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san jose earthquakes will be the first to test the grass out on august 2nd. the niners chose this specific grass to help the players avoid injury. the team says it has good strength, so if a player actually plants his pleat, the grass stays together. >> high-tech and beautiful. wouldn't we all love our lawns to look like that. tonight at the tank, the sharks start its quest for the first stanley cup title. game one starts at 7:30. >> go team teal. before that, pump up the fans music, gives aways and the chance to get their hands in last-minute team teal gear. the fun kicks off at 5:00 p.m. right outside the sap center. i have to say a big thanks to sharky this morning because he sent my son a birthday card. >> oh, that's really cool. >> he tweeted him last night. we love the sharks here. >> shark fans are a devoted crowd and hopefully get there with no problems.
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checking in with mike inouye. >> give folks a look at the freeways. if you're using the freeways throughout the south bay, they're moving smoothly. bob redell continues to follow this scene. almaden expressway south of coleman road. you can use blossom hill your alternate and goerve towards almaden expressway because of this crash still being investigated. look at that mangled car and the pole there and major injuries reported as a result of that. the investigation continues. again, almaden expressway and so is coleman at both directions at that scene. an ongoing investigation and bob redell will give us an update shortly. highway 85 at fremont. sounds like a sprinkler with a sprinkler head that is busted. it's on a timer, from what i understand. that should be alleviated and we do have flooding reported in the area. watch for that and traffic control. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly. getting into the city, a little
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more crowded. 12:45 for the giants to play hoping for that sweep. we're going for that sweep. we'll get that sweep. >> thanks, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay." a sailor killed during a race on the san francisco bay. an update on the investigation all coming up in a live report.
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we continue to follow breaking news. a maimer south bay intersection closed after a car crash. police searching that scene. bob redell is getting new details. he'll join us with a live report, next. a popular california tourist town cleared out after this military ordinance is found in the city's business center. the new developments that happened there over night. we are so close to that holiday weekend. good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. cooler, cloudier for today. holiday warm up coming your way and rain, that's right i said,
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rain returns to the forecast next week. we'll take you through the changes and your microclimate, coming up. right now, christina, a clear view of the bay bridge. a huge crane and we're still watching the closure of the major intersection in the south bay. >> we're watching the embarcadero this morning. nice, calm, clear, a really p t pretty start to this thursday, april 17th this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm peggy bunker. a popular south bay intersection is closed. officers are at the scene of the crash but we're waiting for what happened there. right now the intersection of almaden and coleman is closed. that will cause a lot of traffic confusion there and also commuter problems. "today in the bay" bob redell


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